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Bookmarks by Keywords  

July 2006: "bookkey" is "miTaggedMarks" now.
See for the new version and latest information.

Bookmark manager
For Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP,
used to manage and access bookmarks independently from browsers and with access to up to five different browsers at the same time.

Bookmarks by Keywords
Use a list of keywords to organize (categorize) and access your bookmarks.
It is not necessary to type every keyword again for every bookmark. Keywords are usually assigned to bookmarks by selecting them from a list. You may at any time add/remove/rename keywords to/from this list. It is available in different sortings.
On import keywords are generated from the folder names of the source structure, and assigned to the bookmarks from these folders.
keywords may be assigned to the bookmarks
with the popup menu,
by drag and drop,
in the properties dialog,
and de-assigned in the same ways.
Easy access to the keywords via
"TopKeywords" (often used keywords),
alphabetically sorted list,
a menubar with submenus in alphabetical order,
recently-used lists and lists with "associated" keywords.
dynamic keyword list for access; hides keywords that would not make sense to select in the current situation.
new! Undo/Redo for keyword assignment. Helps to use the powerful functions without risk.

Supports all standard browsers and many more
Integrated support for all standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey, Netscape7/8 and Opera) as well as for Deepnet Explorer, Maxthon, NeoPlanet and Sleipnir.
Support for nearly any other browser via bookmarklet and clipboard.
Support for new browsers or new versions of browsers is easy to add with the browser config file.
Configure up to five browsers to use with bookkey at the same time.
Import of Windows Favorites and bookmarks in Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox and Opera format.

Add new bookmarks from browser and/or clipboard in several ways
The take-over menu lists links from browser windows and clipboard that can be taken over as a bookmark. A symbol indicates if a URL already exists in bookkey. This helps to prevent double entries.
The take-over menu can be accessed from
the AccessTriangle (a small triangle for permanent access to bookkey, may be positioned free at any edge of the screen),
an icon in the system tray,
a button in the main window's toolbar,
from the section title of a group of bookmarks, to give the new bookmark the same keywords as the existing ones.
Extracts URL from a text in clipboard, the surrounding text is used as comment.
Function to replace a bookmark by one from the take-over menu, useful if the URL of a known page has changed.
Receiving URL data via clipboard, send from browsers by using a bookmarklet, that adds an identifier to the data.

Additional Features
DirectTextFilter filters the whole list of bookmarks by the entered sequence of characters on-the-fly.
Recycle bin for deleted bookmarks.
It is possible to see and sort all bookmarks, or a part of them, in one list, not only those of one "folder".
global keyboard shortcuts for access to main window and takeover popup menu.
Open the page of one browser in another one.
Export to a file in Netscape bookmark format, or by copy and paste.
Back/Forward in keyword history (10 steps).
Autosave feature, saves the data regularly.
Detailed information in help file. Quick help with "What's This?" button in most windows.

Last Update: 24Jul2006; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: