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Bookmarks by Keywords  

July 2006: "bookkey" is "miTaggedMarks" now.
See for the new version and latest information.

       Use tags to organize and access your local collection of bookmarks!
bookkey is a browser independent bookmark manager that uses tags, and only tags, instead of the usual hierarchical folder structure.
bookkey introduces a new way to handle a large number of tags easily.
Tags are called keywords in bookkey.

The Problem: Hierarchical Folders
Did you ever stumble upon the problem, which structure to use for your hierarchical folders? For example:

- Cameras
- Computers
- Cameras
- Computers
 or  Cameras
- Magazines
- Shops
- Magazines
- Shops

And later maybe searched for the folder Shops, not remembering that it was created as a subfolder of another folder?

And no matter which structure you choose - there is no place in it for a shop that sells cameras and computers.

The Solution: Bookmarks by Tags
See on how to use a list of tags (keywords) to overcome the hierarchical folder structure.

For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Integrated support for
- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla
- Mozilla Firefox
- Mozilla SeaMonkey
- Netscape 7 and 8
- Opera

- Deepnet Explorer
- Maxthon
- NeoPlanet
- Sleipnir
New! bookkey works with nearly any browser, using a bookmarklet and the clipboard.

Last Update:24July2006; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: